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Our Services Include:

Excavation: Bulk Earthworks: Rock Breaking: Rock Sawing: Detail Excavations: Sub-Grade Preparation: Footing Preparation: Augering: Clearing & Grubbing: Roads Maintenance: Drainage: Service Trenching: Leveling & Grading: Pools: Landscaping: Driveways: Rock Wall Construction: Heavy Haulage: & Demolition.

What We Offer: 

Project Management: Site Management: Site Surveying: Geotechinical Engineering Services: Civil Engineering Solutions: Waste Management & Environmental Management.

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Excavator, Trenching, Footings, Construction, Excavations, Uni Civil, Unicivil, Digging, Civil
Uni Civil, Unicivil, Truck, Haulage, Dump Truck, Soil, Tipping, Civil, VENM

Unicivil specialises in all sizes of domestic, commercial and industrial demolition. We have the knowledge and experience to ensure a high level of safety is maintained at all times while providing efficient and innovative forms of demolition suited to the task at hand.


Unicivil has extensive experience across numerous civil works projects. Utilising over 50 years combined industry experience to perform works to the highest standard ensuring that project milestones are reached on time and achieved as planned. Delivering a quality, safety focused outcome.

Heavy Haulage

Unicivil can cater for all your logistical needs. We offer small two tonne tippers all the way through to truck and trailers.Carting multiple waste streams to licenced waste facilities and providing importation of certified, engineered and clean fill material.

Modern Technologies:
Unicivil strives to be at the forefront of current and emerging technologies to enable us to deliver better outcomes and value for money for our clients.

GPS Tracking
Engcon Tiltrotator
Sound Dampening Hydraulic Breaker


Unicivil are a south coast civil and demolition company based in the Illawarra. Servicing markets in residential, commercial and industrial sectors through provision of high quality machinery, equipment and personnel aimed at achieving the goals of our clients.


Unicivil's success has been by offering sustainable, innovative, client focused approaches that provide beneficial outcomes to all stakeholders. Delivering projects on time and cost effectively. 


Our aim is to always achieve the highest standards of work. Managing workplace health and safety, environment and quality of all project aspects.

We work with a wide range of reputable companies throughout the Illawarra, Sydney, South Coast and Regional NSW. Priding ourselves on our many project achievements with all of our valued clients.  



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